Filling & Drain Valves for Bulk Storage Applications

    Servo Valves (Pilot Controlled):

    AM Sensors brand Servo Control Valves are widely used in aviation bulk fuel and other storage installations, for safety shut off on filter water separators controlled by a water level sensing valve, pressure sensing or emergency shutdown systems.

    They are also used in shipboard and other hazardous applications in view of their proven reliability and long service history (Ex Alan Cobham).

    Designed for installation into a pipeline system, 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" variants are available with a range of inlet and outlet flange connections. A range of external pilots are available for fitment to the port plate. Simple shut-off can be provided by solenoid, level sensing, manual or remote shut off valve. Alternatively a diaphragm operated pilot can provide either fixed or externally adjustable control of upstream or downstream pressure.

    The latter is available in frame mounted form for Military field use. In conjunction with an orifice plate the unit can also be used to regulate flow and can be fitted with a remote shut off lanyard. With an additional valve in the piston pilot port they can be used as a vessel isolation and non-return valve. Several of the key benefits include:

    • Differential piston operated
    • Self-powered by inlet pressure
    • Low pressure loss in line design
    • Aluminium or Stainless Steel variants
    • Wide range of pilot control variants
    • For Pressure / Flow regulation, Solenoid or remote shut-off

    Version with Pilot fitted