Instrumentation Products & Services for the Process industries

AMS has been providing measurement solutions to the process industries for over 12 years, from local cider manufacturing to chemical process to cement; AMS have vast experience in providing instrumentation products and services to a huge variety of process industries. Our scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Pressure, Temperature, Level & Flow Measurement (STD & SIL approved)
  • Recorders & Controllers
  • Valve Actuators & Positioners
  • Analysis & Sampling for both Liquids & Gases
  • Complimentary products including: Manifold Valves, Mechanical Gauges, Thermowells, Heated enclosures etc.
  • MIV (Multi Instrument Vendor) Type Package Solutions Incl. Small PLC Packages
  • Full Documentation to support all of the above.

Instrumentation and Control for the Process Industries including...

Flow Measurement Solutions

Flow measurement solutions for both Volumetric and Mass flow applications; we have a product in our portfolio to meet your application demands

Process Recorders & Controllers

A complete range of Paper & Paperless Recording and control products specifically tailored for the requirements of food/beverage industry standards

Instrumentation Products for Hygienic Applications

All of our measurement products are available with specialist fittings including hygienic type arrangements to meet various industry standards