Water Drain Version

Water Drain Version  
The Water Drain Valve was developed detect the presence of fuel when discharging water through the drain line of a fuel storage tank.

Its float operation ensures that when you drain water built up in a tank (caused by rain or condensation) the density change from water to fuel is detected causing the valve to close, saving valuable medium from being wasted and preventing any damage to the environment through contaminated water discharge.

Installed in an inverted position, the valve will let lower density mediums pass (below 0.90 s.g.) and shut off when water is detected.

This valve can also be installed in the drain line of any (clean) waste water drainage line to prevent contamination.

Some of the key benefits include:

• Mechanically Operated
• Easy to Install
• Low Maintenance Requirements
• Environmental Protection
• Prevents Pollution
• Reduces Wastage of Valuable Stock
• Heavy Duty for Durability
• Customisable to Suit Application Requirements
• Manual Test Facility
• Rapid Response to Density Change

Water Drain Valve Spec Sheet

Water Drain Version IOM