Instrumentation & Valves for the Transportation & Defence Industries

AMS design, build and manufacture a variety of measurement products specifically targeted towards fuel handling and storage, historically supplied to the Rail, Shipbuilding, Aerospace and Defence sectors. Having purchased a range of Flyte valves and level control products from Meggitt (previously Alan Cobham Engineering) back in 2009 we continue to develop and expand our portfolio within these market sectors. Our scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Mechanical Filling Valves, including Refueling Control 'Flyte' Valves, Coolant Valves & Dry Break Couplings for Rail Industry and other fuel filling applications


  • Density Sensitive Valves for Water Drain, Fluid Differential, Environmental and Filling applications
  • 'Cobham' Float Switches
  • Mechanical Level Gauges and Indicators (Magnetic and Sight Glass)
  • Instrument Chambers & Bridals
  • Tank Filling Control Valves
  • Fuel Grade Monitoring Valves
  • Mechanical Pressure and Flow Regulating Valves
  • Temperature Measurement products Including Thermowells
  • Mechanical Gauges & Switches (Pressure & Temperature)

Filling 'Flyte' Valves & Couplings

Flyte valves for fuel, coolant, de-icing and water tank systems on rolling stock.

Pilot Control Valves

Mechanically and electrically actuated servo valves for tank filling, flow and pressure control applications

Level Measurement & Chambers

Level Switches, Gauges, Transmitters and Chambers manufactured by AMS.

Density Sensitive Valves

Density Sensitive Valves for Environmental, Draining, Filling and other Fluid Differential Applications

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AMS - Transportation & Defence