Solenoid Operated Servo Valves

Solenoid Operated Servo Valves  
AM Sensors Servo Control Valves are widely used in aviation bulk fuel and other storage installations, for safety shut off on filter water separators controlled by a water level sensing valve, pressure sensing or emergency shutdown systems.

They are also used in shipboard and other hazardous applications in view of their proven reliability and long service history (Ex Alan Cobham).

• Differential piston operated
• Self-powered by inlet pressure
• Low pressure loss in line design
• Aluminium or Stainless Steel variants
• 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" variants with a range of connections

A range of external pilots are available for fitment to the port plate, when fitted with an ATEX approved solenoid valve, the valve is used extensively for overfill protection within fuel terminals, storage and distribution depots.

An alarm output from a level switch or control system sends a signal to the valve which provides a controlled closure without any sudden shock that could affect the pumps operation.

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