Our sampling equipment is used throughout nuclear power stations in the UK. Supplied as either hand-held or trolley-mount units, they have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the nuclear power industry.

• Portable 'in hand' samplers
• TOUs (Total Oxidation Units)
• Particulate samplers
• Reaction Tube sampling for Tritium, Carbon 14 and Sulphur 35   oxidation

• Total Oxidation Units (Bubbler Systems)
• Glass Reaction Tubes
• Portable Tritium
• Moisture & Particulate

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sampling Equipment Brochure

Instrumentation and Control for the Power and Nuclear Industries, including...

Systems & EngineeringSystems & Engineering Sampling SystemsSampling Systems ObsolescenceObsolescence Instrumentation and AnalyticalInstrumentation and Analytical

Systems & Engineering

AMS' Suitably Qualified and Experienced C&I resource from design engineer to technician level enables AMS to provide a range of C&I services from customised instrumentation and control systems, cubicle and panel build; to design and documentation packages (substantiation, specifications, surveys, obsolescence reviews etc.), factory acceptance testing, site integration, installation, commissioning and project management.

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Sampling Systems

Custom built sampling systems including trolley mounted single (air) or dual (air and CO2) stream detection units (for use in Carbon 14, tritium and sulphur detection processes), moisture, particulate and portable sampling systems.

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One of the main issues an ageing nuclear power station will face is product and system obsolescence. On numerous occasions, components have become obsolete and the original equipment manufacturer is unable to support the product or offer advice on an available equivalent replacement. AMS have expert knowledge in this field and can offer obsolescence engineering through site survey and optioneering to supply and installation of an available equivalent product or system.

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Instrumentation and Analytical

AMS offer a wide range of instrumentation from process instrumentation (pressure, temperature and flow) to recorders, controllers (including PLC systems) and data loggers. AMS also offer a wide range of performance and cost effective analysers. AMS have experience with various manufacturers and can provide analytical solutions as standalone or fully integrated systems including pH, sodium, hydrazine, oxygen, moisture and conductivity to name a few.

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