Pressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement  
Mechanical Gauges & Switches:
We offer a complete range of mechanical pressure gauges and switches from Ashcroft® Instruments a market leading manufacturer within the Oil & Gas, Wastewater, Chemical, Power and Transportation industries. Their gauges and switches are approved to the highest standards around the world making them a true global manufacturer.

AMS can offer a range of gauge, absolute and differential pressure transmitters to suit any application, including those requiring ATEX, exotic materials, SIL safety approvals. Using our knowledge of each manufacturer we can select the best product to suit a client's application.

To complement the instrumentation products AMS manufacture and source a range of instrument accessories including instrument manifolds and valves, pipestands, fittings, sunshades and enclosures.
Pressure Gauges

Pressure Switches

Pressure Transmitters

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