Pilot Control Valves

Pilot Control Valves  
Mechanical and Solenoid Pilot Controlled Servo Valves: In 2009 AMS purchased range of mechanically operated valves originally designed for fuel handling and environmental protection applications. We have a large historical installed base and our products are being used worldwide by a number of blue chip companies in a variety of applications including storage facilities, treatment plants, marine discharge, process regulating and product quality control.

AMS manufactured Servo Control Valves are able to be used with a variety of pilots both of our own and those manufactured by others.

Solenoid Controlled:
Using an ATEX approved solenoid valve our servo valves can be used to prevent overfill in Tank filling Control applications.

Float Controlled Density:
Designed for a major oil company to detect a 0.1% change in fuel density we manufacture a float operated pilot for the servo valves that is used to ensure the correct grade of fuel is being pumped. This product can also be used in a variety of other applications where mechanical control of a fluids density is required to ensure product quality or prevent contamination.

Pressure and Flow Regulating
AMS manufactured mechanical pressure regulators can be fitted with our without an additional solenoid to monitor and control upstream and downstream pressures in a pipe for applications where maintaining process condition is required. These valves can also be fitted with a calibrated orifice plate to condition flow.

Solenoid Operated Servo Valve

Pressure and Flow Regulating Valves

Density Sensitive Servo Valves