Control & Instrumentation Solutions in the
Oil & Gas industries

AMS have been manufacturing and supplying Instrumentation products and valves into the Oil & Gas Industries for many years, we provide solutions for challenging applications and advice on replacing obsolete products - our team are here to help. Our scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Level Measurement Products
  • 'Cobham' Float Switches
  • Mechanical Level Gauges and Indicators (Magnetic & Sight)
  • nstrument Chambers & Bridles
  • Density Sensitive Valves for Water Drain, Fluid Differential, Environmental and Filling applications

  • Tank Filling Control Valves
  • Fuel Grade Monitoring Valves
  • Temperature Measurement products Including Thermowells
  • Mechanical Gauges (Pressure & Temperature)
  • Mechanical Gauges & Switches (Pressure & Temperature)
  • Full Documentation and Testing to support the above

Level Measurement & Chambers

Manufacturers of Mechanical Level products & Instrument Chambers combined with market leading transmitter technology from key suppliers.

Density Sensitive Valves

Density Sensitive Valves for Environmental, Draining, Filling and other Fluid Differential Applications

Pilot Control Valves

Solenoid Operated valves for Tank Filling control, Pressure Regulating Valves for pressure and flow control

Pressure Measurement

Mechanical pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches covering a broad range of applications.

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