Level Switches

Level Switches  
Supplied into the industry for over 40 years by Alan Cobham Engineering and world renowned for quality, we continue to manufacture the range of float operated level switches from within the UK.

We have expanded the range to include an industrial series which has increased our standard scope of supply. Components are stocked in various different states of assembly to reduce manufacturing lead times and each float switch is manufactured to individual customer specifications to suit their process applications.

For guidance on selecting the most suitable switch for your application please refer to the specification table in our overview brochure.

Overview Brochure

Engineered (FS1, FS2, DS1, DS2, HFS2)
The original Cobham Float Switch ranges for the most demanding applications where durability and reliability is essential. With the 316 st/st flange and body cast as one piece from UK foundries, these switches offer the best protection in the marketplace from potential impact or localised damage once installed. This range includes options for ATEX Grp I British Coal approved mining switches.

Checkable features are available as an option, making functionality testing quick and easy
Industrial (FS3, FS4, DS3, DS4 Series)
Comparable in build quality and robustness to most other manufacturers high end range of switches our industrial switches offer a flexible range of process connections and housing materials with the ability to manufacture with exotic wetted materials for specialist applications.

OEM/Custom (MFS, FS5, Other Series)
AMS can engineer and manufacture a wide range of solutions to meet a customer's individual needs, we currently supply miniature switches with flying leads for OEM applications, MoD/Military, UK Rail and Marine approved products to mini float switches in borosilicate viewing/sample chambers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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