Level Measurement

Level Measurement  
Having purchased a range of mechanically operated level measurement products from Meggitt (previously Alan Cobham Engineering) back in 2009
we continue to produce and supply the previous Alan Cobham range of level products including the 'Cobham Float Switch', instrument chambers and mechanical level gauges and indicators which have been in production for over 40 years.

We have further developed and expanded this range of products to include industry specific solutions for Rail, Military, O&G, Power, Mining and Beverage industries including engineered solutions using exotic materials and special connection requirements.

To compliment this range we also offer 3rd party level measurement solutions such as Guided Wave Radar, Magnetostrictive, Capacitance and Ultrasonic Transmitters, these can be installed into an Instrument Chamber to provide a complete Level Measurement solution.
Instrument Chambers

Level Switches

Mechanical Level Gauges and Indicators

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