Level Gauges and Indicators

Level Gauges and Indicators  
Having manufactured float operated mechanical level gauges for over 40 years, the AMS range continues to use the traditional and reliable methods to offer a range which includes:

• Magnetic Level Gauges
• Magnetic Level Indicators
• Reflex Sight Gauges
• Transparent Sight Gauges
• Combination Gauge and Transmitter Assemblies
• Chambers and Bridles to Mount Dual Technologies

Reflex Gauges:
Reflex gauges use the principles of light refraction and reflection through the special prism glass that is fitted around the body. This effect allows colourless liquids to be seen as the light striking the area of glass covering the liquid appears black whilst the light striking the area of glass above the liquid is reflected back in silver. This creates a distinct line that shows the actual liquid level in the vessel.

Reflex Gauge Datasheet

Transparent Gauges:
Transparent gauges use clear glass to allow an operative to view liquid level directly. The advantage of using a transparent gauge is that users can not only see the liquid level, but they can observe the characteristics of the level such as its colour, or even the interface between two differing liquids with the same system, such as oil and water.

Transparent Gauge Datasheet

Magnetic Level Gauges and Indicators:

ML2000 Magnetic Level Indicators
The gauges utilises a float containing a magnet which slides freely up and down a tube as the liquid level changes. To indicate the level, the dip rod inserted into the tube, which contains an additional magnet, rises to the point where it engages with the magnet contained within the float. At this point the level is indicated by reading the graduations of the dip rod that has risen.

• Entry Level Liquid Indication
• Designed for RNLI
• Flexible 'Dip Rod' Version Available
• Allows Access to Confined Spaces
• "Twist Cap" Option enables Indicator to be Hidden
• Wetted Parts Available in a Range of Materials

ML2000 Series Datasheet

MLG Magnetic Level Gauges
Our MLG range of magnetic level gauges are manufactured using a chamber that is mounted to the side of a vessel. Within the chamber there is a float containing magnets which rises and lowers with the fluid level.
Mounted on the outside of the chamber is an indicator which utilises a column of small flags or rollers which rotate to display one colour when the float has not passed and another when the float has either passed or is level. Typically, the flags or rollers are red on one side and white on the other, with the red side indicating the fluid level.

• Calibrated Scales
• Switch Points
• Exotic Materials Available
• 4-20mA Retransmission Available
• Full Material Traceability, NDT and Pressure Testing

MLG Datasheet