Instrument Chambers & Bridles

Instrument Chambers & Bridles  
With a history spanning over 40 years the AMS range of Instrument Chambers are designed to mount externally onto vessels to suit a wide range of different manufacturer's level measurement products.

We offer instrument Bridles and both Vertical and Horizontal Chambers to suit various types of level measurement technology, allowing our customers to purchase a complete integrated bolt-on solution, or a chamber on its own for use with existing instrumentation.

As well as our standard range, AMS provide custom designed chambers and bridles to meet customer specific application requirements. The origin of the materials used in the construction can be sourced to suit requirements, and a range of options are available including, but not limited to:

• Coded Welding to ASME Section IX and ISO9606-1
• Variety of Process, Vent and Drain Connection Options
• NDT Testing
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Complete Documentation Packages
• Full Material Traceability
• Custom Painting (for arduous offshore environments)
• Standard, T-Piece or Custom Construction
• Exotic Material Options including Duplex, Hastelloy and Inconel
Fitting of our Chambers and Bridles can provide the following benefits:

• Allows external mounting of process level instrumentation
• Isolation from process easily allows routine maintenance of level products and improves safety.
• Resolves issues of internal constraints
• Allows for accurate readings in turbulent conditions

AMS manufactured to approved ISO standards for QA and Environment and are also certified to OHSAS18001.

Vertical Chambers Brochure

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