Fluid Differential Version

Fluid Differential Version  
The standard version of the valve was developed with a major oil company to detect slight differences in density between aviation fuel grades. Initially used to prevent higher density aviation turbine fuel from being put into gasoline tanks and causing an engine failure, the same device can be installed in the inverted position to prevent lower density fuel being put into a tank.

Since the initial design, the product has been used in a variety of fuel filling applications to prevent lower grade fuel being filled into storage tanks and also on skid mounted solutions as a mechanical backup to prevent incorrect medium quality passing, monitoring of an oil/water separation process and in a variety of environmental drainage applications.

Under most conditions the valve will close before 10 litres of an incorrect medium has passed through.
Some of the key benefits include:

• Mechanically Operated
• Easy to Install
• Low Maintenance Requirements
• Environmental Protection
• Prevents Pollution
• Reduces Wastage of Valuable Stock
• Heavy Duty for Durability
• Customisable to Suit Application Requirements
• Manual Test Facility
• Rapid Response to Density Change

Fluid Differential Version

Density Sensitive Valve IOM