Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Flotec series portable and fixed metering

Flotec Series Overview  
Standard and Custom Engineered Solutions

Manufactured to ISO9001 standards in the UK by AMS, the Flotec Series of ultrasonic flowmeters uses the time of flight principle to accurately measure the flow of liquids through a pipe.

Offering a standard range of portable and fixed solutions, the advanced diagnostics facility enables a better and more accurate setup in the field.

Clamp-on temperature sensor options with a 2 channel temperature sensor input board enables the meter to be used for energy flow measurement surveys. Adding our thickness transducer as one of the inputs gives a built in thickness gauge, negating the need for separate thickness gauge meters.

Used extensively within the Utilities networks the meters have also been supplied for use in Building Services, Energy Management, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industries.
Key Benefits

• British Design & Build
• Bi-Directional Flow
• Low Installation Costs
• No Pressure Loss
• Up to 5000mm+ Pipe Sizes
• 4 Flow Channels Option
• 500,000+ datapoint logger
• Boiler Testing & Optimisation

Product Overview

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Energy Monitoring Application Notes