Engineered Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Engineered Temperature Sensor Assemblies  
We offer a wide range of engineered temperature measurement products from Thermo-Electric Instrumentation including:

• Industrial temperature Sensors (thermocouples and PT100 elements)
• Industrial temperature sensors with remote transmitters
• Thermowells
• Miniature OEM type temperature sensors
• High pressure thermocouples
• Multipoint and temperature sensors
• Tube skin temperature sensors
• Custom made temperature sensors
• Gas Turbine temperature sensors

Thermowells come with a standard hydrostatic pressure test and can be supplied with material certificates. We also offer in-house vibration/vortex calculations and consultation in order to advise on the specific dimensions for your Thermowells.

TE sensors are available in single or duplex Thermocouples configurations and 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD's. Both with options of having in-head transmitters.
Our industrial sensors can be supplied with Thermowell pockets in fabricated or solid bar stock construction and we also offer the option of direct mounted transmitters. Various connections are also available, such as flanged or screwed.

We can make recommendations for high temperature applications above 1200°C, such as incinerator applications. In such high temperature applications we offer Thermowells in various constructions with a metal sheath, Ceramic, these assemblies can be used for temperatures above 1200°C. A range of materials are available on request.

Industrial Sensors can be supplied with ATEX, IEC/ex, CSA/us, Gost K and Gost R approvals.