Density Sensitive Servo Valve

Density Sensitive Servo Valve  
AM Sensors Servo Control Valves are widely used in aviation bulk fuel and storage installations, for safety shut off on filter water separators controlled by a water level sensing valve, pressure sensing within marine applications or in emergency shutdown systems .

• Fuel Grade Monitoring
• Fluid Differential Applications
• Suitable for Pumped Systems
• Differential piston operated
• Self-powered by inlet pressure
• Low pressure loss in line design
• Aluminium or Stainless Steel variants
• 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" variants with a range of connections

The density sensitive pilot for the servo valve uses the same float technology as our Density Sensitive Valve range, however this version has been designed specifically for use in pumped applications. Initially marketed as a fuel grade monitor due to its extensive use in monitoring fuel upon delivery into tank storage facilities and automatically shutting off when an incorrect density fuel is detected.
This valve can be used in any application where it is critical for product quality or in preventing environmental issues. For gravity fed applications please refer to our Density Sensitive Valves section.

Servo Valve Datasheet

Servo Valve IOM

Fuel Grade Monitor Application Sheet