Aggressive Fluid Applications

Aggressive Fluid Applications  
This valve was developed for use within the chemical industry and then adapted for a number of applications where the medium is too aggressive and requires corrosion resistant materials.

The valve has been used where gravity separation of fluids can occur in storage, in processes to ensure fluids are correctly mixed and on drain lines as a mechanical back up in reducing and preventing environmental spillages associated with other control valves in a drain line being left open or failing.

Manufactured using PVDF and/or ABS, the valve will only pass up to 2 litres of the low density medium before shutting off. This valve is highly customisable for unique applications and other materials of construction are available should they be required.

Some of the key benefits include:

• Mechanically Operated
• Easy to Install
• Low Maintenance Requirements
• Environmental Protection
• Prevents Pollution
• Reduces Wastage of Valuable Stock
• Heavy Duty for Durability
• Customisable to Suit Application Requirements
• Manual Test Facility
• Rapid Response to Density Change