AMS C&I Products – About Us

In 2008 AMS purchased a range of instrumentation and valve products from Meggitt which were previously designed and produced by Alan Cobham Engineering in Dorset. Still manufactured solely in the UK, AMS C&I products now specialise in the supply of instrumentation and valve products for industrial fluid control applications.

These high quality engineered products have been supplied for over 50 years and have gone through rigorous approvals from many high end multinational organisations including The MoD, Shell, Esso, Texaco, British Rail, British Coal, Alstom, Bombardier, British Energy (now EDF) and BNFL.

AMS Products are manufactured to meet the quality and environmental expectations of the industries in which we serve, these include UKAS approvals to OHSAS18001 (Health & Safety), ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AMS are also Achilles B2 verified for the utilities industries.

Having manufactured many customised solutions for customers individual requirements if you cannot find one of the previously branded Cobham or Meggitt C&I products on our website please contact us directly for further assistance.

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